Benefits Of Training With A Cycle Power Meter

Benefits of training with a cycle power meter

The cycle power meter has been around since the late 1980's and has seen dramatic enhancements since that early system. Today the Power Meter is a very popular training tool used by cyclists of all levels of ability.

Before training with power the popular standard for training was with heart rate. Training with heart rate comes with certain limitations, whilst a heart rate is an indicator of how hard you are pushing your engine within its range (between resting and maximum heart rate), similar to a rev counter of a car, it is subject to fluctuations due to a number of variables including hydration level, general fatigue, cardiac drift, the effect of diet and ambient temperature. Heart rate is also subject to lag when hard short efforts are made, making these very hard to accurately monitor.

Power is an absolute figure, repeatable from one day to the next irrespective of the variables that make heart rate based training less effective. Power changes with every pedal stroke and can be viewed live on a chosen cycle computer to enable the cyclist to adjust his/her effort to remain at the prescribed power for the training set or to enable better pacing on a climb or time trail effort.

Training with power will enable the rider to measure their current fitness, better target training zones for specific improvement and enable the rider to repeat training sessions or tests which are comparable to previous efforts.

Training with power takes away all the guess work and is more likely to result in you achieving improvement.